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This is the number one AkwaCross website for the Okopusem people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River State.

This website exists to help the AkwaCross people Advertise, Promote, Sell and Watch Visual contents. Like Movies, Music Videos, Comedy Skits etc.


You can promote and sell your music videos and other interesting, as well as educational videos.

Follow link below to watch the video materials we have so far.

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Here at okopusem.com, we will help you to advertise and sell your AkwaCross films.

You can click the link below to watch the videos we have so far.

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Comedy Skits

Do you have comedy skits?

Okopusem is the right place platform for you to get thousands of views for your comedy skits.

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 About AkwaCross OkopUsem People

AkwaCross people are so creative, but ever since, we’ve been lacking a trust worthy platform that helps to showcase that creativity.

And for that reason, okopusem.com is here to help us do so.

So if you are from AkwaCross contact us immediately and see your creativity and business move to the next great level. 

Kuda nsan nsan uda use mbak adutak, fehe di OkopUsem.com diwud afid ndito uka seno inam.

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